“When Nietzshe wept” by Irvin Yalom

“Dig deeper, and you will learn that you do not love them: what you love is the pleasant sensations such love produces in you! You love desire, not the desired.”

“But the problem with crests is that they lead downhill. From the crest I can see all the rest of my years stretches out before me. And the view doesn’t please me.”

“The most desirable woman is the most frightening one. And not, of course, because of what she is, but because of what we make of her.”

“Mathilde,” he had told her, “there is no way to say this but simply to say it: I must have my freedom. I feel trapped – not by you, but my destiny. And a destiny not of my choosing.”

“The real enemy was aging, death, and my own terror of freedom.”

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