Be precise 2

Complete for its purpose
Definitely true
Vitally important
UninformationProbably not true
Probably not important
Possibly interesting
NoninformationPossibly true
Possibly not true
Probably not important
Possibly confusing
MisinformationDefinitely not true
Vitally important to avoid
Complete for its purpose
Deliberately not true
Used vengefully or tactically to mislead

Be precise

TerminologyLikelihood of outcomeEquivalent terms
Virtually certain>99% probability of occurrenceAlmost certain
Very likely>90% probabilityHighly likely, very probable
Likely>66% probabilityProbably
About as likely as not33%-66% probabilityMore or less likely
Unlikely<33% probabilityImprobable
Very unlikely<10% probabilityHighly unlikely
Exceptionally unlikely<1% probability